Your charging station gone mobile.

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The Problem

Our smartphones run on batteries with limited capacity. We all how disabling it can be to run out of juice on one of these devices, and this tends to happen in the worst of times.

The Solution

Queue Juicebox: batteries that you can rent for cheap at the most important locations. Juicebox is a lightweight, portable battery coupled with your most important charging cables.

Juiceboxes are available at Juicebox renting stations in sporting venues, airports, and large music festivals.

What Juicebox Does

Juicebox is a mobile station placed at large venues, like sporting events and music festivals, where people can rent batteries from to charge their electronics.

Renting is Easy

Swipe your card and take a battery - just like Red Box for batteries.

On the Move

Juicebox Stations can be placed at any big event without an outlet.

Cord Included

Each Juicebox comes with an embedded lightning and micro-USB cable for your convenience.

Thoughtful Design

Juiceboxes are tough by design; covered with a thick layer of rubber, they are drop-resistant and kid-friendly.

Meet the Team


Zak Keener

UT Computer Science Class '18 | Mobile, Web Dev @Zak_Keener


Chris Lammert

A&M Class '11 | Business Dev @ChrisLammert